Blooming Mandalas - how to create this look?

STEP 1: Apply a layer of Sopolish n°210 Flawlessy Fresh with the Premium Brush n°5 and let it cure.

STEP 2: Apply a second layer with the Premium Brush n°5 and let it cure.

STEP 3: Apply a layer of Blooming Effect Gel over the entire nail. Do not let it cure.

STEP 4: Use the Pointy Brush n°7 to apply really fine lines of Sopolish n°211 Off The Grid in a half-moon shape. The Blooming Gel will make every line bloom into a flower petal. Take the Pointy Brush n°7 as soon as the petals have formed and draw a really fine line below every petal.

STEP 5: Draw half circles above the petals with Sopolish n°88 I’ve got your Back. Put fine lines of Sopolish n°213 Emanuelle Naturelle below every petal.

STEP 6: This pattern can be repeated in different places on the nail.

STEP 7: Optional: Accentuate the flower petals by contouring them with fine lines of Gel Paint White Canvas and the Pointy Brush n°7.


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