Circles & Squares - how to create this look?

By Ghislaine Lautier

STEP 1: Apply on the thumb Gellak 312 or Sopolish 273 Daydream.

STEP 2: Apply on the index finger Gellak 314 or Sopolish 275 Statuesque.

STEP 3: Apply the following steps on the middle & ring finger: 

  • Make an ombre with colours Peachfulness, Daydream and Statuesque.
  • Always start with the most light colour.
  • Apply Daydream on your complete nail.
  • Cure.
  • Apply some Peachfulness on your Diamond Sponge Tool and start with your ombre.
  • Cure.
  • End with some Statuesque on your Diamond Sponge Tool and cure.
  • Apply the Circles And Squares Nail stickers.
  • Fill the stickers with Peachfulness / Statuesque with your Pointy Brush n°7.
  • Cure.
  • Finish with your favorite gloss.

STEP 4: Apply on the little finger Gellak 311 or Sopolish 272 Peachfulness.


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