Delicate Corsage - how to create this look?

STEP 1: Apply 2 layers of Gellak 268 Mood Booster with your ProNails n° 5 Premium Brush and cure each layer.

STEP 2: Apply a layer of Xtreme Matt Finishing Gel and cure.

STEP 3: Apply a few fine lines of Spider Gel Metallic Silver with a ProNails n° 6 Shorty Brush and cure.

STEP 4: Use the flat side of your Cuticle Cleaner to take some 4D Gel paste Pink Dough from the jar and place it on a flat surface.

STEP 5: Roll out the 4D gel into a sausage. Take of small pieces and roll them into miniature balls. Do the same with 4D Gel Paste Red Topping.

STEP 6: Use the Diamond Silicon Tool to place the little ball of gel paste onto the nail.

STEP 7: Then use theSilicon Tool to flatten out the ball into the shape of a leave, use a ProNails n° 12 Straight Brush to make the leaves even thinner.

STEP 8: Cure the leave and repeat the steps for all leaves.

STEP 9: Apply a drop of Xtreme Matt Finishing Gel in the middle of the flowerwith a ProNails n 6 Shorty Brush.

STEP 10: Place a golden Nail Confetti Dazzle on the drop with your Diamond Silicon Tool and cure.

STEP 11: Add some 3d effect to the flower heart with a drop of Crystal Seal and cure.


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