Intimate Apparel - how to create this look?

STEP 1: Apply over the 5 fingers 2 layers of Sopolish 266 Fresh Grace, Sopolish 265 Nostalgic Rose, Sopolish 264 Authentic You, Sopolish 259 Touch My Soul, Sopolish 260 Skin on Skin and cure each layer.

STEP 2: Remove sticky layer with Pro Septic and a Cosmetic Pad.

STEP 3: Use Gel Paint Calligraphic Black and Premium Brush n°7 to make a geometric design and cure.

STEP 4: Apply Sopolish Matt and cure.

STEP 5: Fill in the place between the lines with Gel Paint Calligraphic Black, do not cure.

STEP 6: Sprinkle Glitter Powder Dark Night on top of the uncured colour layer & cure.

STEP 7: Remove glitters remains with the Nail Brush.


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