Touch my Soul - how to create this look?

STEP 1: Apply 2 layers of Sopolish 3 Pillow White and cure each layer.

STEP 2: Mix Sopolish Pillow white and Glitter Powder Dark Night on the side then apply on nails with Premium Brush n°2 and cure. Repeat this step one time.

STEP 3: Use Sopolish 259, 260, 266 to draw shapes of moon, sun and horizon and cure.

STEP 4: Apply Sopolish Matt and cure.

STEP 5: Use Premium Brush n°7 and Gel Paint Calligraphic Black to draw a hand pattern and plants motifs in a very thin line and cure.

STEP 6: Apply Silver Striping Nails stickers and protect them with Sopolish Shine and cure.

STEP 7: Remove sticky layer with Pro Septic and a Cosmetic Pad.


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