Vintage Value - how to create this look?

STEP 1: Apply 1 layer of Sopolish 266 Fresh Grace and cure. Apply a second layer and cure.

STEP 2: Apply the topcoat Sopolish Matt and cure.

STEP 3: Use the Gel Paint Calligraphic Black and Premium Brush n°7 to draw the design and cure.

STEP 4: Add the Chrome Powder Gold using Premium Brush n°16 with circle movements on your design and brush off the excess amount of powder with the Dust Brush Black Base.

STEP 5: Protect the design with Sopolish Shine and cure.

STEP 6: Remove the sticky layer with Pro septic and a Cosmetic Pad.

STEP 7: Fill the inside of the design with Sopolish matt

STEP 8: On the side, mix Gel Paint Red Expression and a little bit of Gel Paint Calligraphic Black to get a dark red color.

STEP 9: Draw small leaves alternately with red and dark red using Premium Brush n°7.

STEP 10: Apply Acryl Powder Just Clear to make a textured matt effect on the leaves and cure.

STEP 11: Remove the remains of powders by using the Nail Brush


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