With 40 years of experience and a clear vision on what the future should be for professional nail styling, ProNails created the suction nail machine of your dreams.

The ProNails Vision Pro 800 is the future of professional Nail styling! And it will change the way you work for good!

Not only the revolutionary design of the ProNails VP 800 makes it the most elegant and luxurious suction nail machine but its high-tech machinery makes it also the most reliable, powerful, comfortable and hygienical suction nail machine ever!

It lives up to its name every step of the way: the high technology of this device is based 100% on the vision of professional nail technicians. We designed this clever device with you in mind and with a clear vision of your needs as a professional nail stylist.

  • We want you to be able to achieve a perfect result for each client.
  • Yet we want you to be able to work faster and with more comfort,
  • while safeguarding your health and that of your client,
  • and we want you to do this in the safest possible way with the highest hygiene standards.

Each detail of this device has been thoroughly researched and optimized, making that this model is at the top of its league.

In April will proudly present to you, this new silent nail drill with integrated suction: Vision Pro 800! Already curious?

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