Why should you choose Master Babyboom?

The Master Babyboom is used as Camouflage, Build & Gloss gel. This milky pink coloured camouflage gel masks imperfections of the nail plate and gives the perfect Babyboom look when this product is combined with the Master Pale White.

The Master Babyboom is not suited for extensions. This gel is extremely self-leveling and suitable for experienced nail technicians. The gel is applied using the brush inside the bottle on four fingers at the same time and cures in 30 seconds Soft in the Smart Light with no filing afterwards.

To create the perfect Babyboom look, you need the perfect pink and the perfect white. In this kit, you will find both colours which blend perfectly together on the nail. When using them for the Babyboom look, don't forget to focus on the perfect fading and the perfect structure at the same time.

How to use

  • Natural nail preparation: Sander Fine 6000RPM​

  • Primer: Acid Free, if need to use Universal primer or No Lines, combine with Flexi Base gel​

  • Base to use: Master Clear, Master Frosted Pink or Flexi Base gel

  • ATTENTION: not suitable to extend the nails

  • As Camouflage layer: 4+1 finger application, cure 30 sec Soft

  • As Build & gloss drop layer: 4+1 finger application, cure 30 sec Soft

  • As Babyboom layer:1/1 finger application, cure 30 sec Soft

  • As Gloss layer: 4+1 finger application, cure 30 sec Full

Master Products used to create the perfect Baby Boom