The ProNails Vision Pro 700 is the silent future for electric filing!

It lives up to its name every step of the way: the design of this device is based 100% on the vision of professional nail technicians. Vision Pro 700 will:

  • help you work faster,
  • more precise
  • and with more comfort in order to deliver a beautiful result to each client. 

Each detail of this device has been thoroughly researched in order to improve it, making that this model is no match for its competitors.

Good to know

  • Use your device professionally

  • Clean the handpiece daily 

  • Replace dust bag and filter timely

  • Yearly maintenance

  • When the service light is on, it’s time for major maintenance. 

  • The best nail machine deserves top quality bits


Discover all features of the Vision Pro 700



Integrated into the handpiece and hooked up to a suction tube leading to the device itself, which houses the dust collector bag, filter and suction engine. 

It ensures a constantly clean working environment and sucks visible dust particles while filing. The size of the dust collector bag and the filter have been designed in order to guarantee maximal suction power.


The extra solid control panel has been divided into two pieces: on the left-hand side the rotation direction and rotation speed, on the right-hand side the suction.

From here, you can control and read all functions of the device
at a single glance.



Dust repulsive thanks to the seamless sealing of the entire device and the integrated buttons on the control panel. This allows easy cleaning of the device.  

Daily cleaning of the handpiece only takes a few minutes.  The control panel indicates clearly when it’s time to change the dust collector bag thanks to the dust bag light.
The service light indicates when it’s time for major maintenance of the entire device (after about one year).


Vision Pro 700 is a compact and upright model. In that way it won’t take up as much space on or under the nail table.


Automatic click-system

Thanks to the reliable automatic click-system, you can change your bits in a safe way, without damaging the bit or the bit-holder in the handpiece.

Placeholder for the handpiece

The included placeholder for the handpiece can be mounted on the right as well as on the left of the device. Another big advantage of this placeholder is the fact that there are 8 holes to store your bits in. No more looking for your nail machine bits!

Extra support

To further improve working comfort of the nail technician an extra support system is foreseen, offering less stress on the tube.


Our Nail experts give advice

As a nail professional you create immaculate nails every single day. But do you use the right tools to maximize your productivity and make your work as comfortable as possible for yourself and your client? For a nail stylist this all comes down to using the right nail machine. With the new Vision Pro 700 you’ll elevate your work to a higher standard.

Useful accessories


Workshop File techniques


Workshop Baby Manicure

Yes, cuticles should be cute! Not overly present, not red and irritated, not torn or cut, just a healthy-looking fine contour line for your beautifully polished nails. 

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