E-Learning Electric Filing

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Electric Filing from A-Z

  • Online course
  • To learn everything about Electric Filing
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Applying these techniques will allow you to

  • work faster and with more comfort
  • obtain a perfect result with every client
  • avoid any lifting problems relate to overfiling
  • safeguard your health and that of your clients
  • and to work in the safest way possible with the highest hygiene standards

In this Electric filing E-Learning course, you will learn all the right techniques of electric filing for nail styling. You can start & follow this course where you want, when you want, totally at your own pace:

  • The Key principles of electric filing
  • How to prep the natural nail for gel or acrylic enhancements
  • How to speed up the equalizing of nail tips
  • How to easy shape gel nails
  • How to easy shape acrylic nails
  • How to remove gel or acrylics for a fast refill
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