Master Babyboom Kit - 2 pcs

Ref 29619
Become a Babyboom MASTER!
  • 2 Master products in 1 kit: Master Babyboom & Master Pale White
  • The perfect combination for the ultimate Babyboom manicure
Why you love it
These 2 colours blend perfectly to create a stunning Babyboom manicure your clients will love.
  • Master Babyboom (pink) and Master Pale White blend perfectly
  • Curing of Master Pale White: 30 sec FULL in the Smart Light
  • No need to file after curing
  • Impeccable shine and strong nails
  • Save up to 30 min per client
To create the perfect Babyboom, you need the perfect pink and the perfect white. In this you will find both these colours which blend perfectly together on the nail. When you use as Babyboom look, you have to focus on the perfect fading and the perfect structure at the same time.
  • Start with the Master Babyboom and apply using Master Drop technique
  • Master Babyboom: cure 30 sec SOFT in the Smart Light
  • Finnish your look with Master Pale White and blend for the perfect Babyboom
  • Work 4 fingers at a time
  • Master Pale White: cure 30 sec FULL in the Smart Light

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