XpertS Acryl Powder Just Clear 25 g

Ref 37604
Makes nails hard & strong
  • Fully transparent acryl powder
  • Makes nails harder & stronger
Good To Know
Dries homogenously and allows extra shaping on nail forms.
  • Fully transparent
  • Makes nails hard and strong
  • Dries homogeneously
  • Allows extra shaping on nail forms

Transparant Acrylic powder to be mixed with XpertS Acryl Liquid.

  • Before applying the acrylic nails, you need to mix the liquid and powder components into a solid mass which then has to be rapidly applied to the nails.
  • This mass will harden as you model it on the nail.
  • It is then filed down and fashioned into a pretty nail shape.
  • Acrylic liquid will evaporate as you are fashioning the nail.

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