BFlex LED Gel Yummy 14 ml

Ref 29904
This BFLEX nudie YUMMY has a peachy undertone! Your clients will love it.

With these Vegan Acid free 4-in-1 Flexible Gels you will be able to give your clients naturally, healthy looking nails with a beautiful natural nail look.

BFLEX are Vegan Acid Free 4-in-1 gels (so base, builder, natural color and shine Flexible gels) that bring out the natural beauty of the nails!

Good To Know

These revolutionary Vegan Acid free 4-in-1 Flexible Gels allow you to apply the very popular Natural Nail Treatment in a minimum of time.

  • The BFLEX gels are flexible gels, so they bend with the nails, they strengthen and protect the nails and help the natural nail grow.
  • This Vegan Acid free formula is better for the nails and the skin, and it helps you avoid allergies
  • Ideal for clients who like short, natural and shiny nails
  • Ideal for all nail types, including nail biters Also suitable for toenails

It's a base, a build, a colour and a shiny top coat all at the same time!

BFLEX is ideal for clients who like short or medium length natural nails with an extremely thin and natural look. This Gel can be applied to all nail types. Whether the nails are flexible, thin, normal, healthy, hard, dry, or damaged. Even nail biters can be helped with it. Thanks to the simple drop technique the Gel will distribute itself super-fast and evenly over the nail plate. This awesome product literally does the work for you! The fastest and most efficient result is achieved in combination with the Smart Light LED lamp. You cure every nail in just 30 seconds SOFT and you don't have to shape the nail afterwards. In addition, the Smart Light also guarantees a beautiful shine.

BFLEX allows you to offer a completely new gel nail treatment, the Natural Nail Treatment. This is a trendy and popular service where you don’t just apply the gel nails, but also remove and pamper the cuticles in a safe way. This complete service has another big advantage: it allows your customers to enjoy their perfectly manicured nails longer. In fact, the combination of the manicure with the application of the natural BFLEX shades will mask the regrowth between treatments, so that they will enjoy their nails longer. This is also a great opportunity for you to increase your service price!

  1. Prepare the natural nail like you would for gel nails  Use your nail drill use with Sander Fine 6000RPM   
  2. Apply Acid Free Primer   
  3. Use BFLEX Natural Shades Gel as Base, Build and Gloss  - First apply a thin base coat of BFLEX Gel on all 5 nails, press this coat well into the nail plate and seal the free edge. Cure 5 nails at the same time.  Now continue nail by nail:  - Next, build the nails with BFLEX Gel, use the drop technique and seal the free edge each time. 
  4. Cure 30SOFT in the Smart Light  Curing 30 sec SOFT is enough to obtain complete curing with a nice shine to it.
  5. Remove the sticky layer with Non Acetone Polish Remover  The nails are now shiny and ready.   
  6. Which bit to use to remove the BFLEX gel for a refill?  Use the Ceramic XL Bit at 10000RPM  or the Green Sander Medium at 10000RPM à 15000RPM

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