Hard Builder Tixo Pink LED/UV Gel 15 ml

Ref 24307
Gelixir Secret Base & Build 15 ml

A fruity-floral scented and candy pink coloured Hard Builder Gel.

  • Extremely self-leveling gel that reduces filing
  • Four finger curing to save time
Why you love it

This gel has a firm texture in the jar but is runny during use.

The ProNails Hard Builder Tixo Pink LED/UV gel is an extremely self-leveling gel. You can save time because it requires minimal filing and you can work four fingers (thumb seperately) at a time. It can also be used as Base & Builder Gel depending on the nail type of the client (dry to normal nails) in which case it can be applied in 1 or 2 layers depending on the required result. The gel has a firm texture in the jar and it becomes runny during use. Its fruity-floral scent and candy pink colour is unique for this builder gel. This gel is suitable for all experience levels.

  • Extremely self-leveling gel
  • Time-saving: minimal filing & four finger curing (thumbs seperately)
  • Firm texture in the jar, runny during use
  • Fruity-floral scent, candy pink colour
  • Available in 15 ml, 50 ml 

Apply four fingers and thumb seperately and cure for 30 sec SOFT in The Smart Light or for 60sec when used as a building layer.


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