Refill Flexi Builder Frosted Pink LED/UV Gel 120 g

Ref 24351

Economical and ecological refill pouches for your favourite Hard- and Flexi Builders. 

Save money and save the planet! 

  • Refill pouch for Hard- or Flexi Builder
  • 120 gr of gel
  • Available in 5 colours 
Why you love it

ProNails Refill Pouches allow you to refill your 50 ml gel jars more than two times. 

Economical and ecological refill pouches for ProNails Hard- en Flexi Builder. 

  • Economical
  • Ecological 
  • Mess-free
  • Warm your hands before opening the pouch. The gel will be more liquid and thus easier to get out of the pouch.
  • Don't fill the gel jars till to the top, but stay away 0.5 cm from the border. Otherwise the gel will get under the lid and might leak.
  • Spread the gel with a spatula on the nozzle and wipe the nozzle well before closing.
  • Store the pouch at room temperature and don't place in the sun

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