Camouflage Mask LED/UV Gel 15 ml

Ref 24334

The Camouflage Mask LED/UV gel is a deep skin-coloured hard builder gel that provides strength and coverage to all nail types.

Cover and build in one easy step.  

  • Strong builder gel with maximum masking effect
  • Perfect for the extension of very short nail plates (e.g. nail biters)
Why you love it

Perfect for camouflaging or extending very short and imperfect nail plates of nail biters. 

The Camouflage Mask LED/UV gel is a deep skin-coloured hard builder gel. Thanks to its masking capability and strength, it is perfect for covering nail bed imperfections and extending very short or damaged nail beds of nail biters. The Camouflage Mask is the darkest colour in the camouflages range and is perfect for darker skin tones. Generally used for a natural look or French manicure. This gel can be mixed with other Camouflage gels and Hard Builder Clear gel.

  • Ideal for darker skin tones  
  • Camouflage nail beds of nail biters and cover short or imperfect nail beds  
  • Self-levelling and minimal filing 
  • Apply one finger at a time
  • Cure 30 sec SOFT in the Smart Light
  • Apply thinly with minimal filing

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