Gelixir Top Gloss 15 ml

Ref 27791

Gelixir Top Gloss, the perfect finish!

  • Scratch resistant high-gloss finish
  • Perfumed with a fruity-floral scent
Why you love it

This Top Gloss is ideal over any builder gel.

  • High-gloss finish
  • Perfumed with a fruity-floral scent
  • Protects against scratches
  • Fully transparent after curing
  • Self-leveling

Within its unique range of top gloss gels, ProNails developed the Gelixir Top Gloss within the Gelixir Product range. These perfect self-levelling gels are delicately perfumed with a fruity-floral scent. This light purple coloured gel, fully transparent after curing, guarantees a permanent high-gloss finish after buffing the nails. Gelixir Top Gloss will become your favourite gloss for any ProNails builder gel or acrylic application.

  • Apply a layer of Gelixir Top Gloss
  • Work 5 fingers at a time
  • Cure for 60 sec FULL in the ProNails Smart Light

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