Protech Gloss Finishing Shine UV Gel 50 ml

Ref 38893
A high gloss scratch resistant protection!
  • High-gloss finish for any builder, colour or Nail Art
  • Scratch resistant
Why you love it
You can use this gloss on foils, acrylic paint & chrome powders!
  • High-gloss finish
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Fully transparent after curing
  • Easy to apply: 5 fingers at a time
  • Use on top of any builder, colour, Nail Art and even Acrylic
The Perfection range offers the Gloss Finishing Shine as the finishing touch over all ProNails Builder & Colour Gels and even Acrylic applications. This gloss is ideal to protect your Nail Art such as foils, acrylic paint or chrome powders. You can work very thinly and the high gloss finish stays until the next refill.
  • Apply a layer of ProNails Protech Gloss Finishing Shine
  • Work 5 fingers at a time
  • Cure for 60sec FULL in the Smart Light
  • Use this gloss on top of: any builder gel, colour, nail art or acrylic application

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