No Lines 14 ml

Ref 38905

For refills only!

  • The perfect primer for refills
  • Eliminates refill lines and removes small loose particles
Why you love it

This primer will prevent you from excessive filing.

  • For refills only
  • Removes refill lines and small loose gel particles
  • Prevents damage to the nail
  • Avoids excessive filing

The No Lines primer is the best primer for any refill. This primer helps eliminating file lines and it will prevent damage to the natural nail. You won't even need to file excessively. This primer will remove small loose gel particles. Use this primer in combination with the Acid Free or Universal primer for the natural nail.

  • Apply a very small amount of No Lines to the remaining open Acrylic or Gel particles. (apply only on the gel)
  • Next, apply your primer (Acid Free or Universal Primer) to the natural nail.
  • All open particles will disappear completely and will remain resolved after the refill.

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