Universal Primer 13 ml

Ref 29936
The best preparation for greasy nails with integrated brush.
  • Primer that guarantees a perfect adheasion of any base & builder gel
  • Ideal for greasy nails
Why you love it
This primer ensures a perfect and long lasting adhesion for greasy nails.
  • Perfect adhesion of any base & builder gel
  • A bottle with an integrated brush!
  • Ideal for greasy nails
  • Ensures a long lasting result for the more challenging greasy nails

ProNails Universal Primer guarantees perfect adhesion with any ProNails base or builder gel. This more traditional primer perfectly prepares the nailplate for any application by removing some grease and humidity. ProNails recommends this primer for humid and greasy nails which need more careful preparation of the nailplate to give the customer a perfect result.

Why do you use a Primer?

A primer prepares the nails for gel. The biggest advantage of a primer is that it ensures better adhesion of any base and builder gel. The Universal Primer is ideal for oily nails, while the Acid Free Primer is a better match for normal or dry, brittle nails. This formula is better suited for sensitive skin.

  • Use 2 doses for 1 hand (new set) or 1 dose for 1 hand (refill)
  • Work from thumb to little finger (refill: from thumb and index finger and from middle to little finger)
  • Gently push the primer into the nail surface from the cuticle to the free edge (refill: only on natural nail surface)

NOTE: Do not touch the cuticles with the primer.


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