Black Laser Gel 8 ml

Ref 29894

The White and Black Laser Gels replace the stiffer Gel Paints.

Nail Art Liner

Why you love it

The high coverage formula and fast curing also have to power to make you very happy you as a nail stylist! You can use them for both Gellak and Sopolish manicures.

Good To Know

Very easy to draw a french with these laser gels

These gel paints have a built-in long, ultra-fine brush that allows you to easily apply Nail Art. 

This product has an easy-to-use viscosity, making your brush glide smoothly over the nail.

  • Draw your design with the fine brush
  • Then cure 30FULL in the SMART Light.
  • No need to finish with a Gloss, but you can always apply an extra layer of your favourite Gloss for a glossy result.

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