Flower Gel 5 ml

Ref 29464

Flower up your nail art designs

  • Transparent nail art gel with tiny real dried flowers
  • Flowers in 4 different colours
Good To Know

If you don’t want to work with this Flower Gel, you could use the Real Dried Flowers to have more control over your design. If you want a lot of flowers, you can add some extra dried flowers to your design.

This transparent nail art gel has a soft pink shade and contains real dried flowers in light blue, purple, fuchsia and pink. It’s a unique ready made nail art gel allowing you to create colourful nail art in a quick and easy way. Use the gel as a builder gel, as a colour coat or underneath or on top of your builder gel, or as decoration on top of a colour coat.

  • Contains real dried flowers
  • Easy nail art
  • Can be used on top of different surfaces
  • Can be combined with the decoration in the Real Dried Flowers Box

For a transparent flower look

Apply a fine coat of Flower Gel after your base or builder gel. Use the Diamond Deo Tool to reposition the flowers on the nail if needed, and cure. If you want a more opaque result with more flowers, apply an extra coat of Flower Gel and cure. Remove the sticky layer with Non Acetone Polish Remover and smooth the surface of the nail with a file, a buffer or your Nail Machine. Remove dust with Pro Septic and your Nail Brush and apply your favourite Gloss.

For a coloured flower look

Apply a coat of Flower Gel after the colour gel, reposition the flowers if needed using the Diamond Deco Tool and cure. Apply your favourite gloss. If you use Crystal Seal, first remove the sticky layer of the Flower Gel using Non Acetone Polish Remover.


  • If the natural nail shows irregularities, you can use a coat of Camouflage Gel after the base coat to correct the natural nail. Choose between Camouflage Gel Peach, Nude or Mask or the Hard Builder Milky Pink
  • More flowers or extra colours? Enrich your Flower Gel before curing with some extra flowers from the Real Dried Flower Box
  • Use Master Clear or One Clear gel as a builder and gloss coat in one phase to save time

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