Gel Paint Nocturnal Animal 5 ml

Ref 24237

Perfect for all kinds of design patterns and techniques

  • Coloured gel paint

  • Thicker gel texture and no sticky layer

Good To Know
Doesn't need protection of a gel gloss.

The ProNails Gel Paints are the perfect combination of high pigmented colour gel and nail art paint. The somewhat thicker gel texture allows nail artists to entirely complete their design without colour spreading all over. The Gel Paint doesn’t dry in open air, giving you all the time in the world to let your creative imagination go wild!

  • Thicker gel texture

  • No sticky layer

  • Cures under LED/UV lamp

  • Doesn’t need protection of a gel gloss

  • Exists in different colours

  • Gives you the freedom to design on top of a builder gel, color gel or Sopolish colour – even on a gloss
  • Can be applied on buffed nails as well as on shiny surfaced nails
  • Doesn’t leave a sticky residue after curing so you’re ready very quickly
  • Doesn’t need protection of a gel gloss, but you can always apply an extra coat of your favourite gloss for a more shiny result As soon as your design is finished, all you have to do is cure it under a lamp and finish your nail art

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