Neon Laser Gels 5 pcs

Ref 29888

This product has an easy-to-use viscosity

Nail Art Liners

Why you love it

The high coverage formula and fast curing also have to power to make you very happy you as a nail stylist! You can use them for both Gellak and Sopolish manicures.

These gel paints have a built-in long, ultra-fine brush that allows you to easily apply Nail Art. Let your creative juices flow using fine lines, drawings, swirls or a coloured French. 

This product has an easy-to-use viscosity, making your brush glide smoothly over the nail.

  • Draw your design with the fine brush
  • Then cure 30FULL in the SMART Light.
  • No need to finish with a Gloss, but you can always apply an extra layer of your favourite Gloss for a glossy result.

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