Marble Moons 20 pcs

Ref 29334
Moon-inspired marble nail art
  • Very thin, flat and round marble moon nail decoration
  • Iridescent pearl effect
Good To Know

Use a drop of Crystal Seal, Maxx Gloss or Hard Builder Clear on the Marble Moon to turn it into a real gemstone.

Moon-inspired marble nail art decorations to create your favourite looks with. They are extremely thin which allows you to keep the nails looking naturally thin. They require only a thin layer of gloss gel as protection. An easy, yet very stunning way to decorate a nail!

  • Easy to use
  • Very thin and flat decoration
  • Keeps the nails look naturally thin
  • Only needs a thin layer of gloss gel as protection
  • Can be used with Gellak, Sopolish or Gel Paint
  • Place the Marble Moon in an uncured colour layer & then cure
  • The colour layer may be Gellak, Sopolish or Gel Paint
  • Protect with your favourite gloss

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