Real Dried Flowers 12 Colours

Ref 29452
Everlasting flowers you don't need to water
  • Nail art box containing real flowers in 12 different shades
  • Easy to apply
Good To Know

For a more muted and even easier look, also try our ProNails Flower Gel.

The most colourful summer nails are created with real flowers. This box contains real dried flowers in 12 different shades. They’re easy to apply. You can choose to add an entire flower to the nail, or you can cut them up and combine different shades.

  • Easy to apply
  • 12 different shades
  • Endless possibilities

Useful tips

  • Choose and cut the flowers in the shapes you want before applying them to the nail
  • Be careful: dried flowers are very fragile!
  • Apply the dried flowers to a coat of gel that hasn’t cured yet. It’s best to add them in between 2 coats of builder gel for the smoothest result
  • If you want to add flowers on top of the builder gel or on top of a colour coat, you’ll have to protect them with a thicker coat of gloss to get a smooth result. You might want to use the Master Clear or Gloss Finishing Shine

Super Tip

After applying your flower, a great tip is to gently push it into place with a little piece of cling film. You can leave it in the lamp while curing. After curing, simply remove the piece of cling film. This way the flower will follow the curve of the nail easier, which will result in a smoother nail surface after applying your gloss.


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