Nail Foil Red 1.5 m

Ref 28406

Beautiful nail art made easy.

  • Red Nail Foil
  • Can be combined with every colour
Good To Know

The Nail Foil can be applied very easily using the Nail Foil Gel.

The ProNails Nail Foil is an easy Nail Art look that looks beautiful on every colour!

  • Easy to use
  • Matches different colours and looks
  • After curing the colour, buff the nails with the New Generation File
  • Apply Foil Gel to the desired location and cure it
  • Place the Nail Foil on the adhesive layer of the cured Foil Gel and press firmly
  • This way the Foil sticks to the Foil Gel
  • Afterwards pull off the Foil so it transfers to the nail
  • Protect with your favourite gloss at the end

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