Corner File and Spatula Combi Tool

Ref 28696

Helps you tackle ingrown toenails! 

  • Double sided: corner file & handy spatula 
  • Durable material: stainless steel 420
Why you love it

This tool allows you to work both hygienically and practically. 

Double sided pedicure instrument with corner file and spatula. It’s not that easy to really get into the corner of toe nails using a classic file. This corner file does just that. It’s also very handy to help with ingrown toenails, a complaint many people have. The other side of this tool is a handy spatula to apply products hygienically during a pedicure, such as the Scrub or a Massage Mask.

  • Double sided
  • Easy to clean using Clinilotion 
  • Safe
  • Hygienic
Use the corner file to easily file the corners of toenails. This is an ideal instrument to tackle ingrown toenails.

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