Flexible Pedi-Tray

Ref 28757

Give your clients the most comfortable and hygienic pedicure!

  • Flexible collecting tray made of silicone rubber
  • Hygienic and efficient way to collect pedicure waste 
Why you love it

The silicone rubber always feels soft and warm, making your pedicure even more comfortable for your clients.

  • Flexible and foldable
  • Durable silicone rubber which feels soft and warm for extra comfort
  • Light-weight and interesting tool for mobile pedicures (very portable)
  • Easy to clean with pH neutral soap
  • Can withstand all sorts of agressive fluids 

Spray residues, dead skin cells, callus and toe nails are all collected and can be disposed of properly, which makes for an efficient and hygienic treatment. The collecting tray can stand all sorts of more aggressive fluids, such as acetone or alcohol. These fluids will never affect the colour of the tray. It’s easy to maintain: it can be cleaned easily with a pH neutral soap.
The flexible tray is made of silicone rubber making it, foldable and unbreakable. The material and shape always feel warm and soft, making it a comfortable tool for your clients. Its light weight makes it also an interesting tool for mobile pedicures who don’t use a special pedicure chair.

  • Put the clients' feet on the flat part of the tray making sure the toes hover over the bowl.
  • Perform pedicure as usual and clean tray
  • After every use: clearn using a pH neutral soap.

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