Latex Toe Separators 2 pcs

Ref 28189

The easiest way to apply polish on toe nails.

  • Comfortable separator that softly spreads all toes
  • Makes it easier to apply polish without a mess
Why you love it

The ingenious design allows for a comfortable separation of all toes. 

  • Soft and supple
  • Easier and mess-free polish application 
  • Easy to clean 

New latex toe separators with an ingenious design that softly spread all toes. This simplifies the application of nail polish or semi-permanent gel polish and prevents the toes and the fresh coat of polish from touching each other before the nail polish is completely dry (LongWear nail polish) or cured in the lamp (Sopolish semi-permanent gel polish).

  • Separate toes using the Latex Toe Separator
  • Clean after every use with ProNails Clinilotion

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