Softening Balm 100 ml

Ref 29105

The perfect daily moisturizer for silky soft feet.

Foot Care is the new skin care!  

  • A moisturizing lotion for hydrated and nourished feet 
  • Anti-inflamatory and refreshing thanks to eucalyptus oil
Why you love it

This lotion has a fine texture and is easy to massage in. Ideal for daily use.

This moisturizing lotion contains lots of active hydrating and nourishing ingredients next to urea, which is ideal for daily foot care. It has a fine texture and is easy to massage in. The eucalyptus oil is anti-inflamatory and gives feet a refreshing feel.
  • Deep moisturizing: long lasting hydrated feet
  • Repairing: restores and softens the skin
  • Energizing: refreshing lotion with eucalyptus oil
  • Contains urea
  • Use this moisturizing lotion daily
  • Apply 2 to 4 pump presses per foot and massage in
  • The product does not leave a greasy layer

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