Cuticle Cleaner

Ref 3980
Safe for cuticles!
  • Double-ended Tool
  • One side is sharp peeler, other side is to push back cuticles
Good To Know
Avoids damaging cuticles during cleaning.
  • Double ended tool
  • Clean cuticles and under the free rim of the nail
  • Must have for a Peel-Off Sopolish application
  • Durable material
  • Easy to clean with Clinilotion

Double-ended cleaner tool, one side is sharp peeler to help remove gel polish, this design can reach any small corner to make the removal of the gel polish realy easy. With it's pointy side you can also clean underneath the free edge of the nail. The other side is a cuticle pusher or scarper, you can use it scrape away any dead cuticle or remove the gel polish.

  • Use this tool to clean cuticles or under the free rim of the nail
  • Use this tool for removing Sopolish Easy Peel: carefully loosen edges all around the cuticle area with the upside-down point of the Cuticle Cleaner. Use the flat side to gently lift the edges.
  • Clean tool before and after use with Clinilotion.

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