Nail Brush

Ref 26599
Clean nails!
  • Plastic nail brush to clean nails before and during manicure
  • Also suitable for home use
Why you love it
You can also use this brush to clean your tools (in combination with Clinilotion)
  • For cleaning nails (hands & feet)
  • Also great to brush off dust from your tools
  • Easy to clean with Clinilotion
  • For professional use and home use
This brush is a must have tool for any manicure or pedicure. It will guarantee a dust and residue free nail. You will use the brush before and during the manicure or pedicue.
  • Use this brush to remove dust or residue from the nails
  • Or use this brush to dust of your tools (combined with Clinilotion)
  • After use: clean your brush with Clinilotion and let it dry

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