Synthetic Spa Brush

Ref 28886
Create a relaxing experience!
  • Provides precise and hygienic application
  • The smooth high quality synthetic hair is skin-friendly
Good To Know
Use 2 brushes in your spa manicure for a more relaxing experience!
  • High quality synthetic brush
  • Easy to clean
  • Perfectly sized for an even cover
  • Use to apply the Hand Mask (manicure) or Vitamin Mask (pedicure)

Very soft, high quality synthetic brush for optimal comfort and a perfectly even cover in the application of the Hand Mask The brush is 5 cm wide which is good for a perfectly even cover. This brush is also great for applying the Vitamin Mask for the ultimate Spa Pedicure.

  • Use the Hand Care Spatula to take product our of the jar
  • With the Synthetic Hand Mask Brush, apply the product onto the hands
  • Use 2 brushes at the same time for a more relaxing spa manicure experience
  • After use: clean the brush with water and let it dry

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