LongWear Box - Start & Finish - 6 pcs EN

Ref 29276
Protect your LongWear colour
  • Kit containing LongWear Start & Finish
  • Always combine them with ProNails LongWear polishes 
Why you love it

These 2 products make your LongWear last longer and protect the natural nail.

  • Protects the nail plate
  • Adds an extra shine
  • Prolongs wearability of LongWear
The LongWear Start protects the nail plate from discolouring, chipping and prolongs the wearability. The LongWear Finish gives an incredible shine and guarantees a recordsetting wear time! In this kit you can find these both essentials for LongWear nail polish.
  • Apply the LongWear Start before applying a LongWear colour. Let dry.
  • Apply the LongWear colour. Let dry.
  • Apply the LongWear Finish as a finishing layer. Let dry.

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