ProNails n° 2 Unlimited M Brush

Ref 29073

Base gels, colour gels, gloss gels? The N°2 is your best choice. You will be baffled by the refined result. Thanks to its shape you will be able to apply gel close to the cuticles. Also available in a broader shape.

We suggest you separate your colour brushes from your gel brushes and identify them with the coloured marker rings.

It's not necessary to clean your brush extensively after each use.

1. Spray a little bit of Clinilotion on a cotton pad

2. Carefully pat the hairs dry on a Cosmetic Pad. Make sure you use the Brush Protector to prevent your brush from being cured by sunlight.

Alert! never use acetone or non acetone polish remover to clean your brush or brush hairs!


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