New Generation File 100/180 6 pcs

Ref 30191
Perfect result guaranteed!
  • A buffing block and file in one file
  • Grid: 100/180
Why you love it

The musthave file to use for your Sopolish application.

The New Generation File is a musthave for your Sopolish application. Escpecially when using a Strucutre base and you want to improve the wear of the gel polish. Buffing the natural nail will improve the adherence of the base product to the natural nail.

This file is also great to file gels & acrylic nails in an even shape and curve. And to makes sure that the entire nail gets a natural look (leveling) before you apply the final glossy coat or final buffing of the acrylic or gel if you do not want to put a Gloss.

  • A powerful combination of file and buffing block
  • Must have for buffin the natural nail in preparation of a Sopolish Strucutre base
  • To file gels & acrylic nails in an even shape and curve
  • For a natural nail look
  • Grid: 100/180
  • Packed per 6 pcs
  • For a Sopolish (Structure Base) application: use this file to buff the natural nail (with the purple side) for a better adhesion of the Sopolish Base product
  • Use this file to shape and curve gel & acrylic nails
  • After use: clean the file with Clinilotion

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