The Smart Light (recupel voldaan)

Ref 24338
Maximum time saving!
  • Smarter and faster curing
  • Cures all ProNails Gels
Why you love it
No more heat spike for sensitive nails!

The ProNails Smart Light has four individual timer buttons with built in smart LED intelligence. The timer buttons come in 30 and 60 seconds in either Full Start or in Soft Start function. The Soft Start function, allows you to control the power output of your lamp at the beginning of the curing process to reduce heat sensation on the nail. The Full Start function uses the full capacity of the lamp for optimal curing of colours and glosses.

  1. Smart = Fast
    • Curing faster speeds up your service time. The Smart Light was developed to cure your gels as fast as possible. Work 5 fingers at a time and cure in 30 seconds per layer.
  2. Smart = Comfort
    • Eliminate the heat sensation for your more sensitive clients and cure your gels with the Soft function. Opt for 30 Soft for all base and builder gels or 60 Soft for sensitive clients or gel newbies.
  3. Smart Leds for all your gels
    • The Smart Light uses two types of led light and ensures perfect curing of all ProNails LED and UV gels. Builder gels, Gellak, Sopolish, Base or Gloss Gels: with the Smart Light you own the perfect machine for all your gels.
  4. Cure Smarter
    • Perfectly curing all 5 fingers at a time? Only with the Smart Light, thanks to the clever positioning of the leds and the clear indication for positioning your client’s hand.
  5. Smart Sensors
    • Position the hand, automatic switch on, remove hand, automatic switch off. Super easy. Do you want to be in control? You are, with one push on the button!
  6. Illuminated Logo
    • When the lamp is on, the logo lights up. Turquoise when Soft and Blue for full capacity. This way you will know exactly what is happening inside the lamp.
  • Cure all base & builder gels in 30 sec SOFT
  • For sensitive nails: cure all base & builer gels in 60 sec SOFT
  • Cure Brush-on gloss gels (in a bottle), Sopolish, Gellak Colour gels, French manicure gels in 30 sec FULL
  • Cure Gloss gels in a jar in 60 sec FULL

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