Nail Machine Vision Pro 700 (recupel voldaan)

Ref 28556

The Rolls Royce of the Nail machines!

  • The Vision Pro 700 had a efficient, integrated suction system
  • Powerful engine up to 30.000 rotations per minute
Why you love it
This machine does the hard work for you in almost complete silence!

The design of teh Vision Pro 700 is based 100% on the vision of professional Nail stylists, to help them work faster, more precise and with more comfort in order to deliver a beautiful result to each client. Each detail of this device has been thoroughly researched in order to improve it, making that the eventual model is no match for its competitors.

The drill of the Vision Pro 700 deserves top quality bits. This is of utmost importance to guarantee the lifespan of your handpiece. When a bit isn’t perfectly straight or has a deviated diameter (invisible to the naked eye) you will damage your handpiece unnoticed each time you remove your bit. Use therefore only the bits we advice in our webshop.

Efficient integrated suction system

  • Integrated into the handpiece and hooked upto a suction tube leading to the device itself, which houses the dust collector bag, filter and suction engine.
  • It ensures a constantly clean working environment and sucks visible dust particles while filing.
  • The size of the dust collector bag and the filter have been designed in order to guarantee maximal suction power.

Easy in use

  • The extra solid control panel has been divided into two pieces: on the left-hand side the rotation direction and rotation speed, on the right-hand side the suction.
  • From here, you can control and read all functions of the device at a single glance.

Maintenance friendly

  • Dust repulsive thanks to the seamless sealing of the entire device and the integrated buttons on the control panel.
  • Daily cleaning of the handpiece only takes a few minutes
  • The control panel indicates clearly when it’s time to change the dust collector bag thanks to the dust bag light.
  • The service light indicates when it’s time for major maintenance of the entire device (after about one year).

Compact Model

  • Vision Pro 700 is a compact and upright model. That way it won’t take up as much space on or under the nail table.

Automatic click system

  • Thanks to the reliable automatic click-system, you can change your bits in a safe way, without damaging the bit or the bit-holder in the handpiece.

Placeholder for the hand piece

  • The included placeholder for the hand piece can be mounted on the right as well as on the left of the device.
  • Another big advantage of this placeholder is the fact that there are 8 holes to store your bits in.

Extra support

  • To further improve working with comfort, an extra support system is foreseen, offering less stress on the tube.

Daily maintenance 

  • Taking care of your handpiece daily ensures a longer lifespan of your device.
  • These few minutes at the end of each day keep your device in perfect shape during the entire warranty period and even long after that.

Replace dust bag and filter timely 

  • Each Vision Pro 700 includes 5 dust bags and 1 filter.
  • As soon as the dust bag light on the control panel lights up, it’s time to replace the dust bag.
  • It’s not a good idea to empty a dust bag every once in a while: the dust that’s jammed in the dust bag will, in that case, reduce the suction power of your device.
  • Changing the bag when the light is on is necessary, always. The engine filter should be replaced after 5 dust bags have been used.

Yearly maintenance 

  • When the service light is on, it’s time for major maintenance.
  • This means that the in- side of the device should be cleaned and checked thoroughly by the technical department of your local distributor.
  • Depending on usage you’ll have to do this once a year.

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