Ceramic Flame Bit Medium - Dual Rotating

Ref 29271
  • Ceramic drill bit
  • Medium grit, comparable to a file grit of 150
Good To Know

Dual Rotation, left & right handed users

With these new bits any fear for electric drilling that your client may have will disappear. The Ceramic bits are made of Zirconium, known for its durability and lasting features, and it is 60% lighter than any other heavy metal.

Combined with the perfect diameter and a very precise rotation this results in less vibration. In addition, Ceramic bits give less heat conduction.

The result? A more comfortable and softer feeling for your clients while removing gel. Moreover, Ceramic bits are less static, meaning that dust doesn’t stick that easily, allowing a more hygienic way of working, and easy to clean too.

Make sure to disinfect the drill with Clinilotion after each customer. After each day we recommend to soak all used drills for 10 minutes in Clinilotion for thorough cleaning.


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