High Precision Drill Blue

Ref 28306
  • Nail drill bit in premium hard metal
  • Rough grit, comparable to a file grit of 100
Good To Know

Use hard metal drills only for gel or acrylic nails. Never to be used on the natural nail.

This nail drill bis in premium hard metal, will make your life as a nail stylist a whole lot easier, while bringing extreme comfort to your clients.

Made with the highest Swiss precision, these bits are 100% reliable in diameter, which reduces unpleasant heat sensations and vibrations.

Since they require low pressure in use, they allow the nail stylist to work very precise, without exhausting the stylist.

The best thing about it?

The High Precision Drill serves more than 100 clients. That’s 100 times of fast, precise & comfortable filing! The High Precision Drill Blue has a rough grit, comparable to a file grit of 100. It is for the rough jobs in both acrylic and gel applications, performed by the experienced nail technician.

Preferably to be used between 26.000 and 28.000 rotations per minute.

Make sure to disinfect the drill with Clinilotion after each customer. After each day we recommend to soak all used drills for 10 minutes in Clinilotion for thorough cleaning.


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