High Precision Drill Left Handed

Ref 28561
  • Nail drill bit in premium hard metal
  • Medium grit, comparable to a file grit of 150

The High Precision nail drill bit are ideal for the Vision Pro 700. These hard metal bits made of tungsten carbide have completely polished bit stems to avoid damaging the bit-holder. With this bit you can remove gel from nails in no time. Within the High Precision quality rangethis bit has a heavy metal bit for left-handed nail techs. It has a medium grit, making it equal to the High Precision Drill Purple.

All our Ceramic bits and hard metal bits can easily be cleaned using Clinilotion. Because hygiene is very important in a salon for both your client’s health as well as your own, we recommend soaking all used bits in Clinilotion during 10 minutes at the end of each day.


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