Nail Off 100 ml

Ref 32022
Good To Know

Glue residues can be removed by buffing the nails

This product eases the removal of nail tips from natural nails on a quick & secure way. Nail Off doesn't resolve all the glue from the nails. So after removing the tips from the natural nail the glue residues can be removed by buffing the nails.

  • Saturate a cotton ball with Nail Off and place directly on the nail.
  • Then wrap the nail in aluminium foil (or use Sopolish Wraps) to prevent the Nail Off from evaporating too quickly and to enhance the effectiveness.
  • The wraps in combination with the Nail Off will speed up the process of the product removal.

Tip: Removing the product by soaking the nails in a dish can make the process take up to 10 times longer! You use much more Nail Off and the cuticles dry out because of the duration of the bathing. This isn't appropriate for your nails' health and condition.


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