Cosmetic Pads Square 500 pcs - 2 rolls

Ref 37748

Fluff free cosmetic pads to remove polish and gel remains.

Fluff free cosmetic pads, perfect for every day use in your salon

  • Fluff free cosmetic pads
  • Easy removal of polish and gel remains
Why you love it

ProNails cosmetic pads are 100% hygienic and efficient.

This roll of 500 pcs fluff free paper makes it very easy to remove nail polish or UV gel remains when using it with the right product.

  • 100% hygienic
  • Efficient removal
  • Value pack
  • Take a cosmetic pad and wet it with non-acetone polish remover or Pro Septic
  • You can also use the pads in combination with Clinilotion to clean tools or brushes

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