Glass Dappen Dish

Ref 33530

Glas dappen dish to pour only small quantities of liquids

A universal tool.
  • Compact glass design
  • Economical: a low volume container
Good To Know

Useful for Acryl powder or liquids.

This recipient is meant to be used for small quantities of liquids and it doesn't make you spoil too much of the product.

The Glass Dappen Dish is a very versatile tool to have in your salon. It holds a small quantity of liquid or Acrylic Powder. This dish is also great to use in Nail Art applications.
The dish itself is glass so you can re-use it over and over again.
  • Pour a small amount of liquid in the Glass Dappen Dish
  • After use, clean with water
  • You can disinfect with Clinilotion

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