PN Towel White 10 pcs

Ref 27874

Protects your table from scratches or to remove unwanted remains.

A clean look.
  • Washable cotton towels
  • Packed per 10
Why you love it
Gives your table a professional and clean look.
These towel protects your nail table from scratches or other unwanted remains of the hand / foot care products. The durable and easy to clean cotton towels can be washed intensively and they still keep their soft quality.
  • Re-usable & washable cotton towels
  • Packed per 10
  • Durable material
  • White towel with black ProNails logo
  • Use these towels to protect your table.
  • Ideal to use during a pedicure treatment to collect unwanted remains and product.
  • Wash after use.

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